What Job Seekers Look for in a New Employer

While employers are very open to what they actually look for in a potential employee, job seekers also has their own list of what are their consideration when choosing an employer. Though some would reiterate that their major concern is the wages and benefits, there are also factors that is being looked to when one is looking for a job.

employee 1

Photo from http://thebenefitstrust.com/blog/the-employer-employee-relationship-is-changing-is-your-benefits-plan/

Here are the top 5 things that job seekers look for in a new employer:

  1. Career Planning and Development –Job Seekers look into the company’s history when it comes to employee training as this can ensure that career progress and learning will not be a dead end. Some companies even track employees’ training to ensure learning continuity.
  2. Work- Life Balance – Job seekers also look whether an employer recognize their other roles aside from being an employee.
  3. Company’s Values and Vision – Belonging to a company with a sound vision and an attainable vision is also being looked in to by any job seeker.
  4. Leadership- This could be the most important factor to consider to the majority. When there is a strong leadership, it may also mean a good organization to begin with.

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