Beginnings of a Profitable Business

How is a business born? There are many ways.

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The Benefits of Corrective Action in an Organization

When aiming to automate an organization’s Quality Management System, the factor to be considered is its value for money on a long term basis. A part of a good QMS is the core functionality of its corrective and preventive action (CAPA) system.

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What Job Seekers Look for in a New Employer

While employers are very open to what they actually look for in a potential employee, job seekers also has their own list of what are their consideration when choosing an employer. Though some would reiterate that their major concern is the wages and benefits, there are also factors that is being looked to when one is looking for a job.

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The Essence of Supplier Audit

There is no law that requires any supplier to undergo an audit. So, go through the quite complicated process and documentation? Undergoing a supplier audit will definitely be a benefit to the company, and aside from that, it will ensure continuous improvement thus, resulting to a more cost-efficient review of the management systems being used.

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