The Benefits of Corrective Action in an Organization

When aiming to automate an organization’s Quality Management System, the factor to be considered is its value for money on a long term basis. A part of a good QMS is the core functionality of its corrective and preventive action (CAPA) system.

CAPA 1.jpg

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The main function of a CAPA system is to identify, eliminate and decrease the possibility of adverse events to recur. Such events are identified through complaints, audits or even a shop-floor situation, and the process of corrective action is commencing at this point.

Here are some ways that an automated CAPA system can improve processes of adverse event management:

  1. Simplify the workflow of CAPA.
  2. Notification made simpler and easier.
  3. Action plan is being provided.
  4. Easily confirm the effectiveness of action that had been and to be taken.
  5. Cohesive reporting

The automation of QMS makes each and every means of corrective action more spontaneous by incorporating this through the processes being used.



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